Alan’s Poem

United to Prevent Suicide
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

Alan was inspired by FC United To Prevent Suicide to share his poem which he wrote a while ago.

Alan (pictured right) playing for East Fife over 35's

Behind The Smile

Mental health and suicide

the things we shouldn’t say

but deep inside my troubled mind

these thoughts occur each day.

The strength it takes to carry on

is difficult to describe

instead I work and laugh and play

but wish I could just hide.

Things happen for a reason

in life, they always say

I still can’t find the meaning

despite searching every day.

A problem shared is halved

and talking is the cure

but when I try to open up

I stop, as not so sure.

The bottom of the bottle

those lonely nights in bed

another busy head at 3

another night of dread.

How can I explain these thoughts

often present in my head

to those who couldn’t comprehend

he seemed fine, but now he’s dead.

But I refuse to be another stat

of men who chose to die

who listened to the rumours

that it’s not OK to cry.

My life it has a purpose

but haven’t sussed what that is yet

still think of death on dark days

don’t worry, it’s not a threat.

I’m going to keep on fighting

to be the best that I can be

while encouraging those with demons

it’s OK to talk to me.

So get outside or just out of bed

if even for a while

and make a conscious effort

to do it with a smile.

I’m not saying it will be easy

and certainly not fun

but with friends and me beside you

we’ll get this battle won.

The following services offer confidential support from trained staff and volunteers. You can talk about anything that is troubling you, no matter how difficult:

  • Call 116 123 to talk to Samaritans, or email Samaritans are there to listen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it’s always free to call from any landline or mobile phone.
  • Call 111 to talk to NHS 24’s mental health hub.
  • Call 0800 83 85 87 to talk to Breathing Space. The service is open 24 hours at weekends (6pm Friday — 6am Monday) and 6pm to 2am on weekdays (Monday — Thursday). The Breathing Space webchat is an alternative to phoning the service.
  • Text “SHOUT” to 85258 to contact the Shout Crisis Text Line, text “YM” if you are under 19.



United to Prevent Suicide

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