Your new second team has a new home kit. And the message on the front is simple. 𝗧𝗮𝗹𝗸.

FC United To Prevent Suicide (FC United) is delighted to reveal its first home kit today (Tuesday 14 September). Please look out for some well-known faces from the world of Scottish football sporting the new strip on social media along with some of the members from Scotland’s National Suicide Prevention Leadership Group and Lived Experience Panel.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 15 September) there will be a limited transfer window to sign up for your very own personalised version of the new kit. Please…

Paul McNeill, Head of Community Development at the Scottish Football Association and Aaron Connolly, Time To Tackle Co-founder pictured at Partick Thistle FC’s Firhill Stadium.

FC United To Prevent Suicide (FC United) launched in Scotland today (Thursday 26 August) with the help of youth coach and mental health activist Aaron Connolly and Scottish Football Association Head of Community Development Paul McNeill.

The campaign’s aim is to reach more people through compelling football-related social media activity and personal accounts from well-known faces in Scottish football, via a dedicated Twitter channel @_FCUnited.

In 2020, 805 people died by suicide in Scotland.

People with lived experience are at the heart of FC United, with impactful on-camera interviews and written contributions from some well-known names within the Scottish game…

Gerry (pictured on the far left hand side) with Clare’s children

Living with suicide

I have been bereaved by suicide three times, each one very different and devastating, leaving an overwhelming sense of brokenness. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of my mum’s suicide. Even though she talked about suicide throughout my childhood, it still came as a shock when she took her own life in 2001. She had struggled with her mental health as long as I can remember although as a child, I didn’t understand what was going on and as a family we were unable to get the help she so desperately needed. She would frequently get annoyed…

David & Kirsty

I have battled with anxiety since I was a child and felt very, very lonely, even though I was surrounded by people who cared very much for me. I have to say this now, that it doesn’t matter how in life you appear to someone, the inner battles can be immense, and eat away at your soul. You never plan to hurt those you love and never mean to punish them, you love them dearly, but the anguish overwhelms and becomes too much to bear, your mind becomes a prisoner in your body.

I grew up in a small island…


Suicide is preventable if we all take the time to be part of the solution.

Our son Dylan died by suicide in October 2015, he was 18 years old. I remember the moment we received the news as though it were yesterday. How could this have happened?

The days and weeks that followed were a blur as we tried to come to terms with losing Dylan. There was no offer of practical or emotional support to help us handle the complexities which follow a death by suicide, and we muddled through the next weeks with the help of family and…

I’ve been a Police Officer for 27 years in the North East, and have seen a lot of pain and tragedy. I have also been lucky enough that my Division is really proactive in supporting our communities around mental health, suicide prevention and substance use. This definitely made me understand that talking is the single biggest thing people can do to help themselves when their head is full, yet for some reason it is the hardest thing to do.

I was discussing this with my 12-year-old daughter, Megan, having watched Roman Kemp’s documentary together. I think it is really…

Sharon & Peter

A few years back my husband attempted suicide. Even writing the word suicide and saying it is still difficult and when it first happened I preferred to say ‘my husband tried to take his own life’. For some reason this felt more comfortable, and more socially acceptable. But I then realised that suicide is not a dirty word that should not be spoken about and we need to use this word more and stop the stigma that surrounds it. …

Chris & Nicola

I lost my husband, Chris, to suicide in 2017; exactly a year and 5 days after we were married. He struggled for a very long time with depression and anxiety, as well as addiction issues. He hadn’t ever attempted prior to his death, to my knowledge, however he had mentioned on a number of occasions that he did not want to be here anymore.

I found it difficult at first to know who to talk to about it, as I did not want to feel like I was betraying my Chris’s confidence by talking about how ill he was to…

Tell us about your experience supporting someone with suicidal thoughts or tendencies?

My son Gregory died by suicide in January 2016. He was 21 years old. He was a final year student at university and took his own life during the Christmas holidays. Greg was impacted by several adverse events which culminated in his long term relationship ending in September 2015. This sent Greg into a depression.

I visited Greg in Bristol in November 2015. He was withdrawn and unusual in his behaviours, but at times he was normal and the old Greg. One night we went to dinner. He…

Hello everyone! I’m Linda and I’ve taken a bit of time today to tell you my story. Suicide affects so many of us, but hopefully opening up here can help some people that are currently feeling what I have felt.

I have tried to complete suicide on 3 separate occasions — the first 2 attempts were cries for help, but the 3rd was a definite attempt to end my life and stop the pain in my head that no one can imagine unless they’ve experienced themselves and not something I can describe.

It was so bad that I remember being…

United to Prevent Suicide

We want to make this the most supportive country in the world. Sign up and let’s be #UnitedToPreventSuicide.

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